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Zero-Waste Cleaning Tips

Zero-Waste Cleaning Tips 

If you, like many of, have tasked yourself with reducing your waste and particularity, your plastic waste or maybe you’ve gone all out with the aim to go waste free for a whole month, then this Blog post is for you after many, many questions about it.

After watching Blue Planet 2, seeing numerous pictures of our waste polluted oceans, beaches and animals as well as the more recent BBC War On Plastic with Hugh & Anita.

One way a lot of people struggle to reduce waste is in the cleaning sector. It’s not exactly an easy task, we will admit, but we do have a couple of tips that could help you make that all important zero-waste cleaning move.

Invest In Microfibre Cloths

We know we’re obsessed (it’s true) but we do thing microfibre cloths are an all round great investment. First up, they can be used hundreds of times, washed in the washing machine and they will still retain their quality after each wash so it certainly is zero waste. Of course, they do come with packaging sadly, but we’re working very hard with our suppliers to reduce as much packaging as possible (especially plastic) and make any essential packaging recyclable.

What’s great about microfbire cloths is the material and grooves are designed to pick up and store any dirt and crumbs where as a traditional cloth would likely just move the dirt from one place to another.

Top tip: If you fold your microfibre cloth in half and half again to make a tiny square, you will create yourself 8 clean surfaces to use for cleaning 8 different places. Instead of just using the two sides, this gets far more use our of your microfibre cloth!

Don’t Under Estimate The Importance Of Water When Cleaning 

The process of cleaning is just removing dirt and debris from surfaces, it is not actually about removing bacteria and germs. For daily cleaning tasks in most places, cleaning with a damp microfbire cloth with do the task that you want and need and that’s what many businesses are now doing. There is certainly no need to use a chemical (even if it’s eco friendly) for every cleaning task so don’t feel pressured to do so because everyone else does. 

Of course in places where hygiene is paramount such as he kitchen, water will not do the job but in places like your office desk or lounge, it will sufficient!

Encourage Your Workplace To Choose Jangro Enviro Sachets

Now if you really want waste free then the Jangro Enviro Sachets are amazing. Simply pop your sachet in a reusable bucket or reusable trigger spray bottle filled with water and the whole sachet will biodegrade leaving behind zero waste. Sadly the sachets do come in packaging for safety reasons, but you’ll be pleased to hear they are 100% recyclable cardboard boxes!

Choose Re-Usable Mop Sockets 

Professional cleaners will know just how many plastic mop sockets they throw away each year. In fact, over 100 tonnes of plastic mop sockets are disposed of each year! Luckily, you can put a stop to that entirely with our Robert Scott reusable mop sockets!

Choose A Refillable Cleaner

Ecover is one of the most popular household eco-friendly cleaners. In a bid to become even more eco-friendly by reducing waste, several free refill stations have been set up across the country so you don’t have to buy and disposable of a bottle every time you need topping up!

Ditch The Disposable Cleaning Wipes & Cloths (If You Can) 

Of course, if you work in a commercial kitchen this isn’t an option as blue roll is an essential part of the job, however for other purposes, you could easily switch up your disposables for re-usables and they’re actually much better quality and still easy to transport so what have you got to lose?

Make Your Own Cleaners 

We love a good ol’ homemade cleaner using up the stuff we already have in our kitchen. Read up on all of our favourite homemade cleaning recipes here!

Ditching waste entirely can be a bold and tricky move, but small steps by choosing eco cleaning products can make a huge difference and we hope at least one of these helps you and many others, put a halt to waste pollution. Whilst we believe recycling is an absolute must, if you can scrap any waste from your life whether it be plastic waste, food waste or just any waste, then that’s even better!

Happy Cleaning

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