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Going Green: The Top 5 Products For Budget Friendly Green Cleaning

Going Green: The Top 5 Products For Budget Friendly Green Cleaning

Going green with your cleaning is actually a lot easier than it seems with such a vast variety of fabulous eco products coming to light in the past couple of years. We have our favourites, but of course, one of your biggest concerns as a customer is if going green will eat into your wallet and in some cases, it’s what stops you from going eco!

Money is of course a very reasonable thing to be concerned about and wary of and luckily, taking on green clean most certainly doesn’t have to be expensive if the right products are chosen! When it comes down to it, it’s actually about having the background knowledge to understand the brand, the product and what you are getting for your money. With that, comes the question “how is it eco-friendly?” is one and “how much cleaning can I do for my money compared to my regular cleaning?” is something you should ask yourself.

But to save you the hassle, our in-house eco cleaning experts have hand picked their 5 favourite green cleaning products which are totally budget friendly!

Jangro Enviro H6 General All-Purpose Sanitiser 1ltr (For Businesses) 

If you’re talking professional cleaning then the Jangro Enviro range is one of our favourites but please note it should not be used at home! A 1ltr bottle at the price of £16.65 excluding VAT (or buy 4 in bulk for additional 15% discount at £11.60 per bottle) may seem expensive at first, but hear us out!

This concentrated cleaner means if you mix the correct ratio of Jangro Enviro H6 to water in your trigger spray bottle, you will get the equivalent of 100 ready to use 650ml trigger spray bottles. That’s 0.116p per trigger spray bottle if you buy in the bulk offer of 4 1ltr bottles or 16p per bottle if you buy individually.

Granted that is excluding VAT but even with VAT it still only bumps it up to 17p per bottle! Now tell us that’s not cheaper than your regular cleaner!

Why we love Jangro Enviro: Well we love it for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a fantastic cleaner that always gives us great results but secondly, because this cleaner is a concentrate, to use it we’re drastically reducing the amount of harmful cleaning chemicals we use whilst also reducing our waste by exactly 99 plastic bottles! Obviously we can’t argue with that fantastic price either!

Ecover Multi-Action Spray 500ml (For The Home) 

Instead of buying a cleaner for every single surface area of your home, this multi-action spray can be used on any hard surfaces included mirrors and glass (without leaving behind any streaks, can we get a hallelujah?). Reduce your cleaning collection down to the one bottle and use the mutli-action spray on all of your home surfaces including tiles, glass, enamel, baths, basins acrylic and chrome!

Priced at £2.79 per 500ml bottle (exc VAT) we don’t think this is badly priced at all when you compare it to other similar cleaners!

Why we love Ecover Multi-Action Spray: Not only is the actually cleaner itself made from 100% plant based and totally eco-friendly ingredients, the  bottle is also 100% Plant-astic & 100% Recyclable so it’s literally an all round winning product!

Ecover Pine Fresh Toilet Cleaner 750ml

We know a lot of people clean their toilets using bleach and if you’ve read our blog’s before, you’ll know we very much are against this! Not just for environmental purposes, but bleach is extremely toxic to our health too and even more shockingly, doesn’t actually clean anything! You might see a colour change which appears to seem cleaner, but in terms of killing bacteria or any nasty germs for that matter, your bleach is pretty much pointless and not work the negative health and environment benefits.

So we recommend to throw out your bleach asap and switch it for a toilet cleaner which will actually clean your toilet. Priced at £1.90 (exc VAT), made entirely from eco ingredients and in a recyclable bottle, it’s a must have in your cleaning tub!

Why we love Ecover Pine Fresh Toilet Cleaner: What’s not to love? It’s one of the most eco-friendly cleaners on the market at a great price!

Jangro Kraft Centrefeed Roll 150m 2ply (Case of 6)

At £11 (exc VAT) for 6 rolls measuring 150m you can’t go wrong with the most eco-friendly paper on the market. At roughly £1.80 each, these paper rolls include no bleach at all and can be used for general wiping tasks and hand drying so their always useful to have on hand. Made from recycled paper and will the Eco-Label accreditation we’re really excited about this new product!

Why we love Jangro Kraft Paper: Because it’s un-bleached, has no dyes and it’s made from recycled materials!

Ecover Mizu Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap 250ml 

Not only does is smell goooooorgeous for your visitors, but being made from natural ingredients it’s great for our skin as well as the environment. At £2.87 (exc VAT) a bottle, you really can’t go wrong. In fact, we’ve already been stocking up on them! As Ecover would say…. “get nature on your side”.

Why we love Ecover Hand Soap: It’s great value for money, smells lush and totally eco-friendly!

You can get your hands on all of these amazing eco cleaning products online at and for more advice on going green, check out our green cleaning checklist!

Happy Cleaning

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