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8 Reason’s People Don’t Green Clean

8 Reasons People Don’t Green Clean

With sustainability, waste and climate change being hot topics of discussion this past year or so, it’s really no surprise that consumers are thinking much more carefully about how our choice of products effects not only nature, but our health too!

Many people and companies are trying to switch from regular products to greener ones, which is really great for the environment but on the other hand, there’s still a lot of confusion about eco products and what really is eco-friendly.

In fact, eco cleaning has been one of those topics of discussion as there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions which are stopping people from making that all important switch. So we’ve listed 10 reasons why people don’t make the switch to eco cleaning and we fix those misconceptions and myths to help you make the right choices.

  1. Using The Wrong Eco Products

    A big reason why people don’t green clean is that they might be thinking that they’re already eco cleaning when that isn’t strictly true. Going to the store and buying a cleaning product that looks or sounds like it might be eco-friendly is a great start, but sadly many products are misleading. It’s important to know what green cleaning is and how you actually do it, knowing how and why that particular product is “eco” and the affect it will have on the environment. Whether you’re looking to decrease your packaging waste, single use plastic or harmful chemicals, there is an eco-option available and we’re always on hand to offer advice and product recommendations so you know you’re truly getting an eco-product!

  2. Not Enough Knowledge Of Green Cleaning 

    The main reason people don’t do green cleaning is the lack of knowledge of green cleaning in general. Even though green cleaning isn’t a complicated topic, there’s not much information or awareness of it which can make things more difficult than needed. Did you know we offer free training and guidance on green cleaning products if needed?

  3. Not Really Understanding How Important Green Cleaning Is

    Many people don’t even know what ingredients are in their cleaning products and as they are used so frequently by everyone, not many people recognise cleaning chemicals as being harmful to our health or environment.

    Green cleaning is really important for many reasons one being our health. If you go to a supermarket, you’ll find plenty of chemical cleaning products which all are marked with warnings that they are toxic. But not only this, many of the products have synthetic fragrances, which can also be really toxic. It’s not comparable with the “toxic-when-ingested” products, but synthetic fragrances can have a surprising side effect.

    According to the Committee on Science & Technology, approximately 95 percent of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. According to one of their professors petroleum-based chemicals have been shown to alter hormones and cause issues such as cancer, neurological disorders, weakening of the immune system, learning disabilities, allergies, infertility and even more.

    Let’s not forget that green cleaning is important for the environment too! At first, most of the chemicals are packed in plastic bottles, which will be thrown away right after its empty creating plastic pollution or increased landfill waste. Next, the production of those chemicals cost electricity and when the product has to be shipped from country to country that isn’t particularly great for the environment either. Let’s not forget, if toxic chemicals are bad for our health.

  4. “One Person Can’t Change The World” Thinking 

    Have you ever thought to yourself “what difference would little ol’ me switching to green cleaning make really and truly when there are millions of people not doing anything!?”. We’re all guilty of having those thoughts. But if everyone has those thoughts and nothing changes, nothing will ever change in the world, but it takes just a few people to increase the popularity of something to a point where it come’s the norm. Look at plastic straws now. Just two years ago, you could find them in almost every bar, restaurant, pub and café. Now, they’re mostly paper straws are other eco alternatives! One person making the switch can influence many others!

  5. Green Cleaning Products May Not Work As Good As Traditional Chemicals

    Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions many people have is that green cleaning products are not as good as traditional cleaners and that’s simply not clue. Some of the best cleaners are actually natural products such as lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar. When you choose an eco-friendly cleaning product that you can trust (such as our green cleaning products) you will get great cleaning results that will still promise to kill bacteria just as effectively as traditional cleaners. There’s simply no need to have harmful chemicals in our homes anymore!

  6. They Don’t Smell Or Have Any Colour 

    This is a big one too. We meet so many people who don’t think a cleaning product is working because it doesn’t have a smell or doesn’t have a colour (and bubbles too if you’re looking at washing up liquids) but did you know these things are all fake? Even in traditional cleaners, scents, colours and bubbles have been added to appeal to the buying but actually have no connection to how good a cleaner actually is. So if you’re eco cleaner has no scent, colour or bubbles, that’s not a bad thing!

  7. It’s More Expensive

    A lot of people think green cleaning is more expensive than traditional cleaning, but it depends entirely on the products you are looking at and what you want from a product. Many green cleaners double up as one cleaner allowing you to cut your product collection from a few to one whilst concentrated green cleaners may initially appear more expensive but actually will create many more trigger sprays or bottles than your traditional cleaner would for that price. Having said that, brands like Ecover offer excellent value for money and quality products so it’s all about looking at it in perspective but long story short, more often than not, the best products are not much more money at all!

  8. Regular Cleaners Aren’t Bad For The Environment 

    Sadly green cleaning isn’t spoken about often enough and as we use traditional cleaners so frequently without even thinking about them, you’ve probably never even considered the impact they have on the environment and health. If you look closely at your cleaners at home, you’ll probably notice a lot of hazard signs which is an instant “this isn’t going to be great for the environment or my health” notice we’d say, but you’re probably thinking “they can’t be that bad, since we are allowed them in our home.” Again, sadly that’s not the case!

So what are you waiting for? Start green cleaning today with our DIY green cleaning checklist or ask our friendly team for advice on the best eco cleaning products for you! If you want to reduce your use of harmful chemicals and plastic waste, we’d highly recommend Jangro Enviro!

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