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How To Ditch Single Use Plastic At Work

How To Ditch Single Use Plastic At Work 

How many of you caught BBC’s new series War On Plastic on BBC One and BBC iPlayer last night? If you did, then you’ve probably already been persuaded that we need to act pretty urgently to reduce our single-use-plastic waste as it was announced that:

“Every minute the equivalent of a truck full of plastic is emptied into our oceans”

Pretty shocking stuff right? And what happens to that plastic when it ends up the ocean? Well for a long time – nothing. Plastic was, after all, designed to be cheap and long lasting and it’s certainly lived up to that expectation. You can’t expect plastic to break down at all, even in the ocean for centuries by which point it can end up not just polluting our oceans but our sea life too. If they’re not eating the plastics then they’re being harmed by them greatly (we won’t relieve the sad picture of a turtle with a straw stuck in it’s nostril, or whales with high volumes of plastic waste found inside their bodies but you can Google them if you want!)

So if you’re thinking “how can I start to reduce single-use-plastic at my workplace?” then we’re here to help!

The Rule You Should Always Follow: 

The Green Hub Online (which we absolutely love by the way) recently shared their waste hierarchy and we just had to share it:

Reference: The Green Hub Online @thegreenhubonline |

Ditching Your Disposable Coffee Cups At Work 

If you’re like us and have an automatic coffee machine for your staff and visitors at work, you may not know that if you pop your own coffee mug or re-usable take out coffee cup (made from Bamboo not plastic of course!) on your coffee machine, it will identify that a cup is already there and not dispense one. Here at Pattersons all of our staff have re-usable take out coffee cups to use which the team can also take to their local coffee shops and of course, our cupboards are full of coffee mugs for guests to use too!

Ditching Your Disposable Coffee Cups At Coffee Shops 

We’re super inspired by Boston Tea Party who completely ditched disposable coffee cups all together. Instead, they only accept re-usable coffee cups and can either purchase, loan and bring-your-own for your coffee. If you want to do it like BTP do, check out our Bamboo coffee cups.

We spoke to UWE earlier in the year who told us they’d introduced a “discounted price” for customers who bring their own coffee cups to reduce their disposable cups as they found that adding a price for the disposable coffee cups didn’t alter behaviours but reducing costs did!

Choosing A Cleaner That Doesn’t Come In Plastic Packaging 

We know it’s not quite ready just yet, but our Jangro Enviro Sachets are expected to be packaged in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags later this year! The sachets themselves biodegrade 100% when added to water too so there will be no plastic waste at all with these amazing cleaners!

Choose A Concentrate Cleaner To Reduce Your Plastic Bottles By 99! 

1 litre of Jangro Enviro Concentrate is the equivalent of using 100 ready-to-use trigger spray bottles of the cleaner. Of course, those trigger sprays are single-use and most cannot be recycled so by choosing a concentrate cleaner, not only are you using less harmful chemicals and saving space but you’re also drastically reducing your single use plastic by literally, 99 bottles!

Stop Throwing Away Your Mop Socket Clips 

We’re absolutely loving the Robert Scott Eco Mop Refills which offer re-usable mop sockets and clips with 100% biodegradable yarn mop heads too! It might be something you’ve never considered switching… until now!

Stop Giving Your Customers Plastic Straws 

An oldie but a goodie. Paper straws are obviously the most popular new straw, but if you’re not that keen or are worried about them going soggy, consider the Vegware compostable straws which look and feel just like plastic but are actually made from plants. Wheat straws are pretty cool too and no, they don’t make your drink taste like wheat!

We hope this simple and small ideas help and if you ever have any questions, don’t forget we’re here to help so just ask!

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