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Green Cleaning: Room By Room Eco-Friendly Cleaning Guide

Green Cleaning: Room By Room Eco-Friendly Cleaning Guide

If you’re anything like us, you probably recall the sick feeling in your stomach when you watched David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, or when all those pictures of animals found with plastic inside them went viral or even when the British Government announced we have a Climate Emergency just a week or so ago.

You might be someone who has been protesting for eco changes, you might be promoting changes online or within your friendship groups or you might be silently switching up your products to make more “eco” choices. But as we say:

“Every little eco change can have a huge positive impact on the environment”

So whether you’ve switched one product to a plastic free or plant based alternative or you’ve changed all of your products, we think you’re doing amazing things to help our planet!

No matter how many changes you are making, here are a few more you can add to your list. Scroll down and read our top tips for cleaning your home or work place the eco-friendly way with our Pattersons eco cleaning products!

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is one place where people tend not to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. Not because there aren’t any available (as there’s loads), but more because there’s still a general perception that eco-friendly cleaning products “don’t work” or “won’t work as effectively” and as you know, in the kitchen, hygiene is extremely important!

But actually that theory couldn’t be more wrong but it’s great that you’re paying great attention to the cleanliness of your kitchen as this is a place where it’s super important to thoroughly clean as a lot of bacteria builds up here and nobody wants food poisoning!

So let’s get started on how to start eco-friendly kitchen cleaning…

Green Cleaning: Washing Up

One of the easiest ways to go eco with your washing up is to choose a plant based washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets such as the Ecover eco cleaning range for at home.

When it comes to the sponge and sourer, a lot of these contain plastic and dyes which aren’t great for the environment. Whether you’re doing the washing up at home or at work, we recommend using long lasting reusable products as much as possible such as dishcloths which can be washed an re-used over and over. They’re just as effective and there’s some great eco one’s available!

Top tip: It’s actually a myth that more bubbles = A better cleaner especially when it comes to washing up liquids. Bubbles are added to make customers presume to product is better and I think we can all agree we’ve all fallen for that one!

Green Cleaning: Kitchen Surfaces  

A lot of people assume that a plant-based green cleaners won’t be tough enough to kill bacteria on kitchen surfaces – especially in areas that have touched raw meat. This is, if we do say so ourselves, complete rubbish. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaners that still promise to kill bacteria such as the Ecover multi-action spray and Ecover limescale remover for the sink at home and Delphis Eco multipurpose cleaners and  antibacterial sanitisers.

There are also a lot of home-made ingredients you can try for some things such as restoring your stainless steel taps, unblocking drains and cleaning your surfaces. As long as you have white vinegar, baking powder and lemons you’ll be able to fix all of these problems with a quick Google search of homemade cleaning recipes.

We recommend pairing these products with a microfibre cloth which can be washed and reused up to 100 times!

Top tip: You don’t need to use cleaning chemicals everywhere. If you are just wanting to clean the surface of crumbs and no fresh food or raw meat has been in contact with the surface, simply water and a microfibre cloth will do the trick!

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning 

Another area where hygiene is of paramount important is our bathrooms and sadly, this is the place where most of us having been doing a lot of things wrong which can actually be quite harmful to our health as well as the environment.

Here at Pattersons, we don’t promote the use of using bleach at all. Whilst most of us use it down our toilets (and quite a lot of us to “clean” since Mrs Hinch came into fashion) it’s actually a very harmful chemical when inhaled which simply does what it says on the tin: bleaches, but does not clean. So first things first. Throw out the bleach!

Green Cleaning: The Toilet

There are two great ways you can go about cleaning your loo the eco way which do not involve harmful chemicals at all and will definitely still kill all the germs – even when somebody has, we hate to say it, been ill!

Firstly, for home use the Ecover toilet cleaner is a great value for money product made entirely from sustainable resources and has fantastic reviews. Plus it smells pretty nice too. For professional washroom cleaners, obviously you’ll need something a little bit stronger so the Winterhalter BLUe toilet cleaners are a fantastic option as again, they’re made from plants instead of plastic.

Alternatively, you could sprinkle some  baking soda down the toilet every other day and use a toilet brush to scrub. Don’t forget to clean your toilet brush too as they harbour all kinds of nasty bacteria!

Green Cleaning: The Shower 

There are a few difficult problems to tackle in the shower so we’ll take them one at a time.

First up, the shower screen. Try using the Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner on your shower weekly. But to be honest, a chemical isn’t really needed. Every time you use your shower, make sure to wipe it down using a squeegee in a reverse S shape from top to bottom.

Second the drains. Probably not so much a problem at home, but it wouldn’t hurt every now and again to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda and white vinegar down your drain to keep it unblocked and completely clean.

Finally, limescale. In some showers, especially in ones with hard water, limescale can be a tricky issue. Luckily the Ecover limescale remover made from plants seems to do the trick!

Eco-Friendly Living Room & Bedroom Cleaning

Much of what you clean in your living room is the same as the surfaces in your bedroom so we thought we’d put them both together.

Luckily, this is the place where you need the least amount of chemicals. In fact, when it comes to daily cleaning most surfaces in your bedroom and living room, just water and a microfibre cloth will do the job!

Green Cleaning: The Surfaces

On a daily basis, all you need to clean your surfaces in your living room and bedroom is a little bit of water and a microfibre cloth. That’s all!

The fact all of your surfaces carry loads of harmful bacteria is completely false. If you wipe down your surfaces with water each day, you won’t find anything dangerous on there!

Should your surfaces come into contact with something such as food or maybe soil from your plants, give the Ecover plant based multi-action spray a little squirt. Always squirt your microfibre cloth instead of the surface so you inhale less and your surfaces won’t end up sticky and remember, less is more (really, it is!)

Green Cleaning: Stainless Steel & Glass

As stainless steel and the industrial look is totally on trend at the moment, knowing how to clean it so it doesn’t look “grubby” is a must.

The Delphis Eco stainless steel and glass cleaner is made from eco-friendly ingredients by a really eco-friendly company too so it’s a win win! It’ll remove streaks, finger print marks and smudges too!

As for your glass tables and windows, you could try the same product, but we really love the Ecover glass version!

Green Cleaning: Dusting

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a chemical for this one. Nope! All you need is a microfibre cloth and a little bit of water!

Green Cleaning: Laundry, Carpets & Upholstery 

Looking after your laundry whether it’s your clothes, your bedding or even your upholstery is important – nobody want’s shrunken clothes! Ecover offer some great laundry tablets and washing powder! A great little tip is that you can also mix these with warm water to create a carpet cleaner too!

For advice on cleaning your home or business the eco way with Jangro Enviro, contact our friendly team and we would be happy to help!

Happy Eco Cleaning!

The Pattersons Team

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