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Cleaning To Burn Calories!? Yes It Is a Thing!

We’ve all experienced the sluggish feeling as Christmas comes to a close and we promise ourselves our new year’s resolution will be to get fit and healthy after eating waaaay too many chocolates over the festive season. Well, you’re in luck. It turns out your everyday cleaning tasks are actually great calorie burners!

  • Deep cleaning your floors is a great upper-body work out. With those back and forth mopping movements and vigorous scrubbing of stubborn marks, you could burn 150 calories every hour!
  • Vacuuming is a great work out and depending on the size of the space you are hovering, you could burn over 120 calories in 30 minutes!
  • You might be noticing a bit of a theme here…. floor cleaning is a great work out! In fact, having a bit of a sweeping up boogie for 30 minutes could burn up to 130 calories!
  • Moving away from your floors which you’re probably fed up of by now…. cleaning windows inside and out for 30 minutes could burn over 150 calories – the same as a 20 minute jog!
  • Scrubbing a washroom for 35 minutes or more is just the same as doing 35 minutes on the treadmill, except better, because you’re killing two birds with one stone!
  • Did you know the back and forth movements of doing the laundry can actually burn 40 calories in 15 minutes!
  • Likewise, sweeping your work place or home with a duster for 15 minutes can burn 90 calories too!

So if you want to burn a few calories get into shape for summer, why not do a spot of cleaning? Burn calories with your everyday housework and get into shape in no time at all!

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