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7 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes

7 of the most common cleaning mistakes that everyone’s making!

Did you know about these cleaning myths?

“I don’t know what I’m doing”. The thought suddenly hit me like an old smelly damp mop to the face (literally! I opened the cleaning cupboard and it literally hit me in the face). Okay I know what I’m doing. I’m going to clean the floors with the same floor cleaner I’ve used for five years, with the same technique I’ve been using for five years, using a mop I’ve been using for, well I won’t admit how long I’ve been using that for!

It’s just, I don’t know why I’m doing it or if I’m even doing it right anymore because that mop definitely shouldn’t have smelt like that! Somewhere along the line friends have given me tips, I’ve read some bogus Blog online or I’ve picked up some tricks from other people about the “right” way to clean. But were they right? Were they even working?

Wanting to know more about the topic, I spoke to our Pattersons’ resident cleaning expert, Stewart Thomas, who dished the dirt on bad cleaning habits….

You don’t need a different cleaning product for every area or surface!

Spraying your surfaces with cleaners will only attract more dust. Instead, spray your cloth!

Just because something smells nice, doesn’t mean it is clean. Don’t let your nose fool you!

Bleach and chlorine are only changing the colour of your surfaces, not cleaning them!

Using surface sanitiser on wood makes your surfaces sticky to touch!

Polishing wooden surfaces probably does more damage than good!

 Bubbles and scents are usually for attraction purposes and don’t indicate if the product is “good” or not!

I mean let’s be honest… I was shocked by a number of these things – most of which are just common cleaning techniques that turn out to not be effective and possibly even worse than not cleaning at all!

Which cleaning myth shocked you the most!?

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