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Churchill Isla Restaurant Crockery

Churchill Isla crockery offers a contemporary and intricate design, inspired by the shapes and textures found along the seashore. A modern range, Isla’s embossment on each piece of catering crockery is reminiscent of pebbles on the coastline. Available in three striking colourways, the Churchill China white pieces of catering crockery in the Isla range can be mixed and matched with feature items from the Isla crockery collection. These pieces showcase hand applied accent colours in Ocean Blue and Shale Grey which really enhances the embossment, catching the light across the surface of each piece in this range of restaurant crockery.

The Isla design is layered onto the Churchill China Profile body which offers a more functional approach to table service. These pieces of stunning Churchill crockery have a shape which has an enhanced face profile, with a defined rim to showcase the food at its very best. Strong and durable, the Profile body is up to 20% lighter than Churchill China’s more classic ranges, making this collection of restaurant crockery more functional for front of house service. Fully vitrified, Churchill Isla crockery is designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of both a busy front of house and back of house. Benefitting from being dishwasher and microwave safe, Isla crockery can also be stacked and features the Churchill ecoglaze which prevents scratches and stains, meaning your catering crockery lasts longer.


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