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Pattersons Cleaner Of The Year

Pattersons Cleaner Of The Year 

A heart-warming story about students at Bristol University raising a fantastic £1,500 for their cleaner and his wife to jet off on holiday to Jamaica this summer to visit their families filled our hearts with love earlier in the year (if you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here)

The grateful students wanted to thank Hermon, their rather surprised and overwhelmed library cleaner for his “positive energy” and for brightening their days whilst of course continually keeping their library a clean and positive place to work.

The heartwarming story outlined the importance cleaners have on our day-to-day lives and how we would like to give all the amazing cleaners and cleaning teams out there the recognition they deserve – not just for their cleaning tasks, but for their hard work, team work, high spirits and contribution to making everyone days great!

So with that in mind… do you know a cleaner that you’d like to thank and recognise for their hard work? Why not nominate them for PATTERSONS CLEANER OF THE YEAR by emailing or Tweeting @PattersonsWeb stating who you are nominating and why you think they deserve this award!

Nominations close 30th November 2018.

Pattersons Cleaning Supplies are proud of the cleaners and cleaning teams we work with, whether that’s in a catering establishment, school, University or shopping centre. We think it’s time these fantastic cleaners get the recognition they very much deserve for their hard work. Entries for the Pattersons Cleaning Of The Year Award 2018 have been open for a couple of months and already we have had some fantastic nominations – in fact, it’ll be super hard to choose a winner.

Here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies we stock a wide range of professional cleaning solutions, cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment ideal for school cleaning, University cleaning, restaurant cleaning and care home cleaning. Choose from leading brands including our Jangro range, Katrin range, Karcher range and loads more! Based in the South West, we offer free site surveys to ensure you comply with COSHH and with almost 130 years experience in the trade, our trusted cleaning experts can be relied upon to help support and guide you in choosing the right cleaning supplies for your school, college, University, restaurant, pub, care home and more!

Clean Like Mrs Hinch

Ah Mrs Hinch, the new “it” Instagram account to follow. The new woman of the moment. The cleaning sensation that has brought home cleaning back into fashion (if it ever was in fashion!?).

Sophie Hinchliffe or as most know her, Mrs Hinch has become an overnight internet sensation after sharing videos of her cleaning her home very enthusiastically. Her energy and enjoyment of the tasks shine through her videos making everyone fall in love with her personality and quick wit personality. Enough that most of the items she swears by as being her favourites have actually sold out.

Well luckily for all of her fans, we have all the cleaning supplies Mrs Hinch has and loves for you to get your hands on including her favourite brands:

Whilst Mrs Hinch’s followers on Instagram sky rocketed her to fame, it was her appearance on This Morning with Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield that really got people talking. Here are some of Mrs Hinch’s must try cleaning tips as quoted by the Mirror:

  1. Cleaning drains/plugs

Pour a half a cap of soda crystals down the plug and leave for a couple of minutes to work their magic. Wash away with boiling water.

  1. Cleaning the rest of your sink

Use disinfectant spray and a cleaning pad to clean away the dirt from your sink before using CIF stainless steel cleaner to make your sink shine.

  1. Cleaning tough marks from wooden floors

Spray your chosen degreaser on the affected area then use an electric toothbrush to wipe away the dirt.

  1. Cleaning your fridge

Use a mixture of washing up liquid, disinfectant and a cleaning pad/cloth.

  1. The secret to streak free mirrors

Spray with a white vinegar spray and wipe away with a fluffy microfiber cloth.

The cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has some great tips for cleaning in the home which you can follow, but if you’d like some tips for your business, you might be looking at some slightly different cleaning tips! Give us a call on 0117 934 1270 to see if we can arrange a free site survey for you to assess what cleaning supplies and what the best practice will be for you, your teams and your business!

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