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Exciting New Churchill Isla Crockery Range

Churchill Isla Crockery | A Collection That Brings The Seashore To Your Tabletop

Looking to update your catering crockery and want a range of restaurant crockery that reflects the love and attention you put into your dishes? Well, just in time for the busiest season in catering, Christmas, Churchill have launched the Isla collection of restaurant crockery.

Taking inspiration from the naturally beauty of the seashore, Churchill have done it again with their elegantly stunning Isla range. The Churchill Isla range boasts a vast selection of fully vitrified catering crockery with everything from tea cups and saucers to presentation plates and bowls, with each piece bringing the seashore to your table tops.

Isla: An Inspired Concept In Restaurant Crockery

Inspired by the shoreline, this Churchill Isla range recreates the natural beauty and patterns of the coast on your dining tables. Emulating the unique beauty of sea pebbles and stones, each piece of Churchill Isla catering crockery comes with its own unique charm, bringing personality and a sense of warmth to your dining tables.

The Design Of Churchill Isla

Each piece from the Isla catering crockery range incorporates a distinctive and elegant embossment, mirroring the beautiful imagery you wold expect to see at the shoreline. Catching the light across the surface of each piece of restaurant crockery, the pebble inspired embossment, adds amazing texture, making each piece feel that extra special in your hand.

3 Beautiful Colourways Available In The Churchill Isla Collection

With three beautiful colourways, the Churchill Isla range accommodates for all styles. The first colour way is a subtle white, this colour is the most versatile of the 3 colours, looking comfortable in a variety of settings from fine to casual dining, perfect for restaurants looking for adaptable catering crockery. The next of the colourways is a striking ocean blue. This hand applied sea inspired colour will really bring your dishes to life and will be sure to be the talk of the table. The final colourway is an understated shale grey. Allowing your dishes to take centre stage, the shale grey mirrors the rustic look of the seashore making your dishes feel authentic and unique. Combine the feature pieces of catering crockery with the white Isla to create a versatile, exciting signature presentation.

The Durability Of Churchill China Restaurant Crockery

Not only visually striking, the Churchill Isla range also boasts extreme durability. With a super vitrified body, the Isla pieces are highly resistant to thermal shock, non-absorbent to moisture, as well as having great heat resilient properties, perfect for a busy catering environment. Their ecoglaze finish, results in commercial crockery that is stain and scratch resistant for longer. Durable and stackable, the Isla collection of restaurant crockery strikes the perfect balance between beauty and strength.


This collection of Catering Crockery needs to be seen to see how stunning it truly is. Churchill China samples are available to view in our Bristol Catering Showroom, or from your account manager if you’d like to view the collection in person. Have a look at Pattersons Catering Supplies to view the complete collection of Churchill Isla and to shop the exceptional Isla range from Churchill, head to Pattersons Catering Supplies.

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